In reading mode: a beautiful, beautiful discovery

In reading mode: a beautiful, beautiful discovery


A delicious social critique, this new novel by Swiss writer Joseph Incardona is pure delight.

At one time, Anna Loubère led a completely different kind of existence. Alongside her husband, she essentially lived on love and surfing on the beaches of California. In short, nothing to do with the roast chickens that she sells today in the open air markets in order to be able to offer her 13-year-old son the minimum: a motorhome on the shores of the Atlantic, clothes and food.

But one evening, after a hard day's work, his life will once again turn to tragedy. Because of a wild boar on the road, she will lose control of her rotisserie truck and for reasons that will not be explained here, she will not receive a penny from the insurance. What to do next?

May the best man win

The solution will almost impose itself with the arrival of a brand new reality TV game, the concept of which is stupid as cabbage: the 20 selected candidates will have to put one of their hands on an all-terrain vehicle worth 50,960 euros and the last to remove it will be able to walk away with it. Assuming the proud Anna agrees to participate in this completely stupid game and wins the game, she and her son would be off the hook and could even afford a trip to California.

The characters are endearing, the writing is fluid, the story is as realistic as it is gripping, and the ending totally succeeded in giving us the motton. No need to make the suspense last longer, it's a big crush.


The Brilliant Revenge of Susan Boyer

This book is a bit special because it consists mainly of letters, emails, personal notes, text messages and investigation reports. This does not prevent it from being very entertaining, the story of Annabelle Audray not lacking in spice. After having been officially declared dead in Belgium, she will indeed wish to go back and restore the truth. But at what cost!

Paradise lost

The Franco-Belgian novelist and playwright Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt has set himself a real challenge: to tell the story of humanity through an eight-volume novel cycle entitled La Traversée des temps. The first part of this series, Paradise Lost goes back 8,000 years, to the end of the Neolithic era, to introduce us to Noam, its hero. A well-paced piece that has already won over thousands of readers.

Super easy wine

If you have always dreamed of getting to know wines better and learning to appreciate them, this guide is an essential tool. Aimed at all beginners, it clearly presents each type of wine, goes around the wine regions of the world and, of course, explains in a simple way how to taste a wine by identifying its main characteristics.

Watercolor Greeting Cards

With this workbook, painting with watercolors can be much easier than you think. By taking the time to guide us step by step – which also applies to the choice of materials – he will allow us to make greeting cards decorated with wreaths of mistletoe, fir branches, Christmas balls, small reindeer , snowflakes or gingerbread men. Cute as hell!

Chills guaranteed

Darkness and night< /strong>

From year to year, it does not fail. On the evening of December 31, the cops in Los Angeles are systematically on their toes because almost anything and everything can happen.

Always assigned to the night shift in the Hollywood division, Inspector Renée Ballard will not be bored for long. Barely the 12 strokes of midnight, she will be entitled to the first death of 2021: at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street, the owner of a garage was killed dead by a bullet received in the head. And if the case could easily pass for a stupid accident, Renée will not take long to understand that it is rather a murder.

Work on the board

Even if he hasn't been an inspector for a while and is getting old, the famous Harry Bosch will slip into history fairly quickly: the casing found on the garage floor will indeed be linked to a murder case he took care of in 2011. A godsend for Renée, since she will be able to count on his help while continuing to track down the tandem of rapists who are rampant in her area.


So far, this is our favorite installment in the Ballard and Bosch series.