In reading mode: a new nugget

In reading mode: a new nugget


In 2020, Scottish-born writer Douglas Stuart burst onto the literary scene with Shuggie Bain , winner of the prestigious Booker Prize. But in our opinion, Mungo, his second novel, is even better…

Mungo Hamilton , 15, owes his funny first name to Saint Mungo, the patron saint of the city of Glasgow. This is where he lives, alongside his big sister Jodie and their “Mo-Maw”, whose alcohol problems have been getting worse for some time.

As for his brother Hamish (aka Ha-Ha), he doesn't see him as often as he used to. Because he lives with his girlfriend, and because he is now the head of an ultra-violent gang of Protestants who like to attack local Catholics.

Yes, welcome to the 1990s, when this kind of bickering is still relevant and where, according to the standards of the time, there is “nothing worse than being a chump as weak as a woman”…

Leaving to come back better?

It often happens that the summary printed on the back of books says too much, way too much. So if possible, it is better to avoid reading the one that appears at the back of this novel to let yourself be carried away little by little by the story. Which begins with the departure of Mungo, his “Mo-Maw” having decided to entrust him for a whole weekend to two licensed drunks he met at AA meetings. The purpose of this strange enterprise? Make him a real man. And for that, they are going to take him fishing in an isolated loch in the Highlands, where they will not be long in confessing to the teenager that they have both done quite a lot of prison time…

We stop there to reveal nothing. A crush.


Quality Land 2.0

It is not often given to us to read novels as crazy as this one. He might even win an imagination prize! Like the first part, simply titled Quality Land, it takes us alongside Peter Chômeur, who is now officially a machine and appliance therapist. It's funny and moreover, it forces us to reflect on the growing place of technology in our lives. 

American Predator< /p>

Incredible, but true: For almost 15 years, a man living in Anchorage, Alaska, kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed a large number of people without the police or anyone around him suspecting anything either. This disturbing book explains how such a thing could happen in the 2000s.

The amazing panda

Admittedly, pandas don't really run around here… But this book is so interesting – and full of surprises! – that we cannot help but recommend it. If only to find out why this bear persists in eating bamboo when he has a hard time digesting it.

We're going to taste Paris

March being nutrition month, this profusely illustrated encyclopedia is a must. Especially if French gastronomy attracts us like a magnet! Combining good places to eat in Paris (more than 2000!), tasting notebook, recipes of the great classics of Parisian cuisine (veal blanquette, paris-brest, etc.) and sheets devoted to local products, significant events or to the key characters of good food, it's a real pleasure to read.

Shivers guaranteed

The demons of Berlin

Two years ago, we were able to meet curator Siegfried Sauer thanks to The Angel of Munich, an excellent thriller recounting the investigation that was carried out in the fall of 1931 in an attempt to elucidate the murder of Angela “Geli” Maria Raubal, the adored niece of Adolf Hitler.

Starting from another real fact – this time, it will be the arson of the Reichstag, which houses the German Parliament –, this novel invites us to find him in February 1933 in Vienna, under the name of Peter Rach. Like many people at the time, Sauer was better off staying hidden. Hitler has been Chancellor of the Reich for a month now and we cannot say that the climate in the country is light and joyful. On the contrary.

At the heart of the storm

It is the disappearance of Rosa, the woman he loves, that will force him to leave his hideout. Knowing that she had joined the Resistance and that she was preparing a coup against the Nazi regime, Sauer is convinced that something bad happened to her.

For more information, he will therefore go to Berlin. And once there, he will be devastated to discover that several women who look a lot like his Rosa have been disfigured and murdered…

A captivating story, barely less good than that of the first volume of the series.