In reading mode: a terrifying parallel world

Reading Mode: A Terrifying Parallel World


Revisited by Stephen King, fairy tales have rarely been so dark. And captivating.

Bewitching. This is the first word that comes to mind when we think of this brand new Fairy Tale from King. And yet, the author really takes his time before immersing us in the heat of the moment. 

In the first third of the book, we will learn to know Charlie Reade, a 17-year-old who had a terrible time during his childhood: his mother was hit by a car when he had just started primary school. and for several years his father found nothing better to do than turn to alcohol. 

Like many kids in the small town of Sentry's Rest, Illinois, Charlie grew up a little dreading the big Victorian mansion perched high on the hill, the one most people like to call the Home of Psychosis.


One day, while passing by on his bicycle, he will hear someone calling for the rescue. Howard Bowditch, the grumpy old man who lives there, broke his leg falling from a ladder and since he has no friends, he will ask Charlie to watch over his dog Radar all the time he has to stay at home. the hospital.

Charlie will do much more: once Bowditch returns home, he will go so far as to sacrifice his baseball training to take care of the old man. And this, even if at the bottom of the garden there is a shed closed with a big padlock from which a lot of strange noises escape…

The remaining two thirds of the book are devoted to this strange discount and, hat, the story is simply stunning.


These people< /em>

For Manuel Duarte, nothing is going right: he can't manage to work on the manuscript he should have sent to his publisher three years ago, he is still short of money, he has difficulty coping with the fact of he is single again and above all, he finds it difficult to accept the way his country, Brazil, has evolved. A pleasant read that is not lacking in humour.  

The Promises

As the Germans are about to invade Poland, the wives of high Nazi dignitaries are murdered one after the other. And to flush out the murderer, a Gestapo hauptsturmführer, an alcoholic psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst specializing in dreams will have to unite their efforts. A good, well-crafted Grange.

Explore Georgian Bay

With summer vacations coming up, many will head to Ontario to enjoy the beaches and attractions of Georgian Bay. This little guide will therefore be the perfect complement for summer visitors wishing to discover the most beautiful places in the region and better plan their trip.

Vietnamese cuisine illustrated

If you want to discover a section on Vietnamese cuisine, this is really the book you need. From the best cooking techniques to the most popular sweets, including the preparation of pork cake (a New Year's Day must-have!), caramelized fish, soups or bánh mì, he shows us everything in drawing on adorable illustrations. A very nice book. 

Chills guaranteed

Truth or dare

This tenth title in the series dedicated to the investigations of Commander Helen Grace begins in a rather brutal way: a guy is burned alive in the prefabricated shack of a car dump, a woman is stabbed to death trying to prevent steals his BMW, a millionaire businessman is killed during a burglary, a 16-year-old teenager is found in a park with the back of her head completely reduced to a pulp… 

< p>In short, the British city of Southampton appears more violent and more dangerous than ever. Which will be far from pleasing Helen Grace.

A real headache

If nothing seems to connect all these sordid affairs, Helen will have a pretty good idea quickly that, in fact, they might well have a common denominator. But to prove it, she will be very, very far from taking advantage of winning conditions: within her own team, there is a lot of tension. An understatement, one of his colleagues being downright determined to do whatever it takes to destroy it.

If the first chapters do not revolutionize anything – to be honest, we almost found them boring! –, the sequel has several surprising twists in store for us. In the end, a good thriller.