In Reading Mode: A Very Special Friendship

Reading Mode: A Very Special Friendship


Of all the back-to-school books, this is probably the one we were waiting for with the most impatience. Because since the publication of the third and last volume of Vernon Subutex, Virginie Despentes signs here her first novel.

With Frenchwoman Virginie Despentes, expect anything. From one novel to another, she always has a knack for surprising and making an impression. But since the time we have been following her, we would never have imagined that one day she would offer us an epistolary novel. And yet… 

It's all going to start with an Instagram post. Oscar Jayack, a novelist who rose to fame a good ten years earlier, is not going to hesitate to speak ill of actress Rebecca Latté, whose beauty would only be a vague memory. At least according to him. Because unable to let this pass, the main interested party will not mince words to put the man in his place with an email beginning with “Dear asshole”. 

Liberating writings

Even if she left under very bad auspices, their epistolary relationship will quickly take a completely different turn. Throughout the pages, Oscar will speak, for example, of his polydrug addiction or his misadventures with Zoé, a former press officer who has just “metooized” him because he once courted her a little too intensely. Zoé is now at the head of a feminist blog with more than 100,000 subscribers, so Rebecca will be the first to admit that this woman could not have been better placed to cause her maximum harm. 

As it's Despentes, it reads on its own. That said, the exchanges are often long and sometimes difficult to distinguish (same tone, same style). But to say that we didn't like it, there is a margin.


< em>Jealousy

Talking about a collection of short stories is never easy, because each of its stories is a universe in itself. With this first collection, the Norwegian Jo Nesbø has however chosen to focus on the theme of jealousy, and the seven stories that result from it show how devastating this capital sin can be. Especially for those who are behind it! Great entertainment.

Summer of Bitter Oranges

After taking care of her bedridden mother for years, Frances will finally be free to do what she wants in the summer of 1969. As a result, she decides to spend some time at the Lyntons estate in the English countryside. There, she will meet Cara and Peter, an enigmatic couple with whom she will soon have a very strange relationship. A story full of mysteries and lies.


The one who gave us The Snow Leopard (Renaudot Prize 2019) has a very curious hobby: drawing hanged people and suicides with a pen. And if he does it, it is to ward off death and to remember that “the value of existence lies in its brevity”. This book brings together 250 of these amazing drawings that will sometimes make us smile, sometimes think. 

Cooking with what we have

The idea of ​​this book is quite brilliant: to offer 10 basic recipes which have all been declined in five versions. For example, from the basic recipe for one pot pasta, we can cook linguine puttanesca with prawns, penne alla gigi, pesto farfalle, tex-mex rotini and tofu pad thai. Then, it's up to us to improvise 56 other versions based on what we already have at home or what's on sale at the supermarket. 

Thrills < strong>guaranteed

The Last Flight

This thriller was a huge success in several countries . And of course, we were very curious to find out why. So basically, here's what it's all about.

Married for 10 years to Rory Cook, an influential politician about to run for the Senate, Claire is in the middle of a nightmare. At the slightest opportunity, her dear husband has the dirty habit of hitting and roughing her up. Divorce? Alright, except the last time she tried, Rory nearly sent her to a psychiatric hospital…  

Ready for anything

Just like Julia Roberts did in 1991 in Nights with my enemy, Claire will therefore carefully prepare for her disappearance in order to be able to start her life again far from New York . But due to a last minute change, everything will fall apart. To survive, she will have only one option: to accept the offer of this stranger who, in a terminal at JFK airport, will offer her to exchange clothes, papers and plane tickets in order to start from scratch each one. on his side.

Honestly, we didn't expect to embark so hard and so quickly on this thriller. Almost a crush!