In reading mode: good to eat!

In reading mode: good to eat!


Relationships between women are not always easy. This slightly gothic book proves it in a brilliant way.

We like novels that are unlike any other. And with this one, we must recognize having been served! Not only because it takes place in Ecuador, a country that we don't often have the opportunity to visit through books, but because the story and the way it is told are amazing to say the least.

Already, the beginning is quite special in itself: kidnapped by Miss Clara, her literature teacher, the young and pretty Fernanda will wake up arms and legs tied in a small gloomy cabin lost in the depths of the forest. 

It remains to be seen why she was thus kidnapped and of course, this is what will be calmly explained to us in reverse over the course of the chapters.

Open wounds

It all probably started with this abandoned building in Guayaquil where Fernanda and her five best friends used to meet outside of school hours. In there, far from the gaze of adults, they could show themselves in their true light and do pretty much what they wanted. Which sometimes resulted in some pretty extreme experiences or challenges…

As for Miss Clara, commonly called “Madame Bovary Latina” by her students, it would not be wrong to say that she had some small psychological problems from the start. To name one, she dressed exactly like her late mother. /p>


We are the fire

Michael Connelly calls this book “absolutely captivating”. And that's true. He immediately took us to 1991, to Los Angeles. Over there, how it is, alas! already happened so many times, a 16-year-old black girl is going to be murdered. His brother Shawn will never recover and when we find him in 2019, we will discover that his destiny is closely linked to that of the young Grace Park, who is however of Korean origin.

< strong>Three

Coming from different backgrounds, Adrien, Étienne and Nina became the best friends in the world when they were still just kids. However, things will start to get complicated over time and 30 years later, there will be almost nothing left of this precious bond. In this very beautiful novel, the French writer Valérie Perrin tells their story which never ceases to amaze us.

The science of bodybuilding

In recent years, several books on bodybuilding or fitness have passed through our hands. Which allows us to say that this one is really well done. Abundantly illustrated, it offers a hundred bodybuilding exercises, detailing each time their benefits, the best technique for performing them and what you need to know to avoid mistakes. A superb gift to make.

A thousand words in remembrance

Through artistic expression, Les Impatients has been helping people with mental health problems for nearly 30 years. If we want to help them in turn, we can get this box set which brings together 145 stories by Pascale Bussières, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Lise Dion, James Hyndman, David Goudreault, Chantal Lamarre, Jean-Marc Vallée or Guylaine Tremblay. All profits will be donated to Les Impatients. 

Thrills guaranteed


A stranger lies in a hospital bed. She was found in the woods with, not far from her, a corpse whose face had been savagely reduced to a pulp. It will not take more for Camille Nijinski, the cop in charge of investigating this sordid murder, grants her from the outset the unflattering role of main suspect. The problem is that the stranger does not remember anything. Everything she may have experienced or thought was completely erased from her memory. 

But just before being struck with amnesia, she would have had time to tell her incredible story to the doctor. Fibonacci, the psychiatrist who follows her. 

A veritable maze

It is this completely extraordinary story that we will have to our turn the chance to discover. But we will have to hang on, because, in the complex and twisted genre, Franck Thilliez did not go with a dead hand. And even if this title is part of the Caleb Traskman series, it can be enjoyed solo. On the other hand, if you have already read The Unfinished Manuscript and Twice Upon a Time, the two previous volumes in the series, you will really be able to measure all the talent of this French writer.