In reading mode: ideal for holidays

In reading mode: ideal for holidays


Full of humour, a story that we warmly recommend for summer holidays. 

Because her mother spent a week in Benicàssim while she was pregnant with her, Pilar inherited this Spanish first name, which she hates almost as much as her surname, Mouclade (for those who don't know it). don't know, the mouclade is a dish of mussels!). 

In short, we cannot say that the lady, who is about to celebrate her 40th birthday, has been lucky in the great lottery of names. As for his life, we cannot say that it is exceptional either. At the head of a small real estate agency near Paris, she has a job that she does not like that much and which requires her to work long hours outside the house. As for her husband Étienne, whose job is to create crossword puzzles for Le Point, well, the magic isn't always there…

In search of an ex-best friend

In the mind of Pilar, there was nevertheless a blessed time among all: the one when she still had for best friend the radiant and gorgeous Stella Saintonge. Had, because they fell out in their early twenties, and since then, Pilar has never seen or heard from her again.

To celebrate her birthday, Pilar is going to give herself a whole present: try to find Stella, who is totally absent from social networks.

Honestly, there could hardly be a nicer summer read. Even if it's very different from what we are used to reading, we liked it. 


Terra nullius

In this detective novel which has just obtained the Le Point prize for European thrillers 2022, we will be entitled to an inspector Hugo Boloren who is far from being in top form (you can find out why by reading Douve, the first opus of this series). That said, that will not prevent him from going to see what is happening on the side of Terra nullius, a huge slum that belongs neither to France nor to Belgium. A young boy was attacked there, and he wants to know why.

The Lions of Sicily

In Italy, this family saga has been a great success. Its heroes? Paolo and Ignazio Florio, two brothers who will leave their small village in Calabria to settle in Sicily. In Palermo, to be precise. And once there they will open the spice shop which, over the years, will end up making them richer and richer. Incidentally, the Florio family really existed. 

The most beautiful places to see wildlife in France

If we are going to spend a few weeks in France, we can take the opportunity to get off the beaten track and discover what it has to offer us in terms of wildlife. Thanks to the 55 destinations offered in this abundantly illustrated guide, you will be able to see wild boars, spot Iberian ibexes, observe flamingos, admire great egrets or paddle among seals.

Aromatic plants

In summer, there's nothing like a large container filled with aromatic plants. Basil, thyme, mint, parsley, chervil, coriander, tarragon, chives, rosemary, oregano, savory… The choice is vast! But all these plants do not require exactly the same care, this little book reveals everything each of them needs to grow.  

Chills guaranteed

Bullet train

Ready to live a high voltage experience that is totally out of the ordinary? So by car! Direction Morioka aboard the Shinkansen, the high-speed train that has just left Tokyo station. We will first meet Yuichi Kimura, a former security guard determined to bring down the psychopathic schoolboy who pushed his six-year-old son from the top of a roof. Since then, her little Wataru has been lying unconscious in a hospital bed. ransom money. For them, the problems will therefore begin when the suitcase full of money is stolen.

Dangerous passengers

Now place Nanao, our favorite character. He was the one who stole the citrus tandem's suitcase. But, whatever the job entrusted to him, things always, always end up going wrong. In truth, there is no one more unlucky than him. The proof, the Wolf will also be on the trip. And this contract killer has been dreaming of taking revenge since Nanao ridiculed him in public.  

A totally crazy story which we should also be able to see the adaptation very soon cinematic.