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In reading mode: the excesses of India

Reading Mode: The Drifts of India


Our most recent favourite? This surprising novel which unquestionably stands out.

The beginning of this book of nearly 600 pages is reminiscent of a novel by Stephen King, Mr Mercedes : driving much too fast, a big black Mercedes will mow down five people, including a pregnant woman. There the comparison ends. Because all homeless, the victims of this tragedy had set up their night camp on the side of a very busy ring road in… Delhi. 

This is one of the great benefits of this otherwise excellent book. Barely opened, it takes us from one end of the country to the other and allows us to glimpse faces of India that do not generally appear in tourist guides. And just for that, it is well worth the detour.

A path strewn with pitfalls

After the accident, Ajay, a 22-year-old servant, will immediately be sent to prison. According to the official version, he would have taken the Mercedes without authorization to go for a walk, a bottle of Jack Daniel's by his side. TRUE? False?

We will find out by reading his story, which is nothing short of a fairy tale: the offspring of an outcast couple condemned to empty dry latrines, Ajay was sold to repay a debt contracted in particularly revolting circumstances . At the age of eight, he was forcibly taken to the other side of the Himalayas to work on a farm from morning to night. But smart and ready to do anything to have a better life, Ajay hasn't finished surprising us.

To read. A nice big crush! 


Shout it!< /strong>

Journalist and writer Roberto Saviano has lived under police protection for 17 years, his writings on mafia circles having unleashed the wrath of more than one godfather. So if there's anyone who knows what “standing up” really means, it's him. And in this frankly fascinating essay, he paints the portrait of 30 personalities who refused to fit into the mould, such as Martin Luther King, Émile Zola or Anna Akhmatova.

The first spring day

Want a moving novel? Here it is. It features Chrissie, a child who inherited probably the worst mother in the world. Knowing only violence and misery, Chrissie will end up committing the unthinkable: at the age of eight, she will strangle a friend's little brother. Which, 15 years later, will not prevent her from becoming a mother in her turn. But what kind of mother? It's up to you to find out. 

Moving to a smaller place without worries

Whatever the reason for moving, downsizing can easily become a real headache. What to keep? What to do with everything we decide not to keep? How do you plan to get there on time? This book is there to guide us from cover to cover, and it does it well. It even explains how to empty a house in inheritance cases.

Create a vegetable garden in bags

Good news! Even if you live in an apartment and only have access to a tiny balcony, it is possible to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables there. Thanks to the culture in bags, of which we will discover all the secrets here, we will be able to eat carrots, aubergines, cucumbers, broccoli and melons freshly picked by the end of the summer!

Chills guaranteed

Whose fault

Before putting himself even to write detective novels, Ragnar Jónasson first translated from English into Icelandic several books by Agatha Christie. And that's probably what inspired him with this rather chilling camera. 

What is it all about? Four old friends have decided to get together for a weekend to go partridge hunting in the highlands of eastern Iceland. But along the way, a violent snowstorm will hit the area and to escape the worst, they will have no choice but to take refuge in a rescue cabin lost in the middle of nowhere.

< p>An oppressive atmosphere 

The real nightmare will begin the moment they push the door of this cabin. Because once inside, they will have to deal with a totally unusual situation about which nothing will be said so as not to fall into disclosure. 

Told in turn by Ármann, Helena, Daníel and Gunnlaugur, who is undoubtedly the black sheep of the small group, the story quickly gives shivers. Because left to their own devices, these four friends who have known each other since adolescence could well become enemies. 

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