In reading mode: the judicial system in the hot seat

In reading mode: the judicial system in the hot seat


Signed Constance Debré, a little book that will make an impression. 

Constance Debré was a lawyer for a long time before dropping everything to take up the pen in time full. As a result, she knows the other side of the coin well, the one that we are not used to showing because it is not very shiny. 

In a building in a suburb near Paris, a 19-year-old young man stabs his old neighbor in the apartment below with a knife. 

This woman, however, he liked him. He was even one of the few people who found her nice. Since she was a widow and no longer had any contact with her son, he went to the pharmacy or the grocery store for her two or even three times a week. Like that, just to do him a favor. So inevitably, he had the code for his bank card… 

Crime and Punishment

This murder was not premeditated. It was fear and the instinct for survival that were the main triggers, with the young man owing another 450 euros to a dealer of the sadistic type. 

And after slitting the throat of the unfortunate octogenarian, the young man will simply return to his father in the apartment above, where he lives with his girlfriend and their almost three-year-old daughter. 

Six days later, when the police show up, they will have no trouble getting their hands on him. The trial will then begin and, oh surprise, this trial will also end up becoming that of the judicial system and society in general. 

A short text that jostles and disturbs, whose style we loved concise.


The Bond Street Chronicles 3

Scottish author M. C. Beaton has been extremely prolific. In addition to all the volumes of the Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth series, we also owe him these very pleasant chronicles, which recount the tribulations of a group of penniless aristocrats of the 19th century who had the brilliant idea of ​​opening a hotel. so as not to live off anyone. 

House of Gucci

If we have not yet seen the film of the same name that Ridley Scott directed in 2021, here is the perfect opportunity to discover the incredible story of the Gucci family. Because behind the empire she has built hide many sordid details. Like the murder of Maurizio, murdered in 1995 on the orders of his wife…

Two thousand words to tell the world

< p>With a book by the great linguist Henriette Walter in your hands, it doesn't take long to understand one thing: when you dwell on the origin of words, you have to expect anything. For example, who would have thought that “caillou” was one of the oldest terms in the French language? Or that “handkerchief” had long been banned from plays? And that's just the beginning…

Emily in Paris – The Official Cookbook

For fans of the TV series Emily in Paris, this is the book to get your teeth into! With its 80 recipes, it covers the greatest classics of French cuisine: gougères, Niçoise salad, pistou soup, cassoulet, beef bourguignon, pissaladière, croque-monsieur, Alsatian sauerkraut, bouillabaisse, crème brûlée, madeleines with honey. .. All profusely illustrated with photos from the series.

Chills guaranteed

Without a noise

Zach Murdoch is not a kid like the others. At seven years old, he still throws tantrums over trifles and several of his teachers find him very difficult, even bizarre. His parents, Cameron and Lisa Murdoch, of course ended up developing strategies to calm him down, but sometimes, as we can quickly see, nothing helps. And in those cases, it's not uncommon to hear Zach say he's going to run away. 

This is how the Murdochs find out one morning that their son is no longer at them, or even in the neighborhood. In a nutshell, Zach is missing. 

Guilty or innocent?

What we forgot to specify is that Cameron and Lisa are both authors of mystery novels and that together they have already imagined many intrigues as dark as twisted. Parents are often the first suspects in missing children cases, so Christchurch Police will have excellent additional reason to suspect the Murdochs in this story. With reason? So there, no question of saying more! 

The theme is certainly not new. But revisited by New Zealander Paul Cleave, it becomes simply captivating. A beautiful crush.