In reading mode: “The rain bird”, a book apart

In reading mode: “The Rainbird», a book apart


If you want a different novel imbued with the marvelous, no need to look any further! 

Once upon a time there was a farmer whose lands offered absolutely nothing good: whatever she did, her crops rotted on the spot and her animals ended up dying. Luckily for her, a strange translucent heron from the waters will one day take her under his wing and help her farm thrive. 

It is on this short story flirting with the fairy tale that this extraordinary book opens. Then, from the first chapter, he takes us into the mountains, where Ren has taken refuge. About five years ago, following the military coup that hit her country, she indeed preferred to flee the big city to live in nature. “Surviving” would actually be more accurate, because, alone and far from everything, she very often came close to death there. 

A planet that is not well

Ren is one of the few people to have seen the translucent heron before. She was then only a kid and camped in the heights with her grandmother. This is why the soldiers led by the intractable Lieutenant Harker will be so interested in her. Their mission is to get their hands on this legendary bird that would really be able to make rain or shine and in order to achieve this, they will stop at nothing. 

Miles away from there, on the southern coast of the country, we will also come across squid fishermen engaged in a very particular trade. As we said, a novel that stands out. And confusing. 



This book has been winking at us for quite a while now. Because who else than the author of Kafka on the shore and 1Q84 could have had the idea of ​​revealing the main lines of his life by presenting one by one the T-shirts piling up in his drawers? So there you have it, the tone is set. A beautiful object of curiosity!

Child of bastard

The French writer and journalist Sorj Chalandon had a father who spent most of his life fantasizing and lying to those close to him. In particular, by making them believe that he had defended Hitler's bunker until the end. Old papers found will allow the journalist to discover the truth about his father. And honestly, even a seasoned novelist would have had a hard time making up such a story.

Grow Your Spices

In general, it is at the grocery store that we get the spices that will flavor our future small dishes. Alright, why not? But with a little patience and the help of this book, it can be quite simple to grow whatever you want. Yes, even turmeric, saffron, paprika, cumin or mustard. So to our shovels and dibbles! 

Recipes from Middle-earth

For Tolkien fans, this cookbook offers 60 recipes inspired by his works. We will be able to taste the famous bread of the elves, Sam's rabbit stew, the dwarves' beetroot soup or Bilbo's 111th birthday cake. Not forgetting the hobbit-style veal shanks or orca breadsticks! Different and fun.

Chills guaranteed

The little girl in the snow

This book literally had us glued to our chairs from start to finish. No wonder Netflix made a series out of it! What is it about? Well during the Thanksgiving Parade organized by Macy's stores in New York, Aaron Templeton will accidentally let go of the hand of Kiera, his three-year-old granddaughter. Then poof, it will immediately disappear into the crowd. 

Despite all the searches that have subsequently been undertaken, it will not be found and the police will have to go to the evidence: Kiera was abducted.

Dark Fate

In 1998, when this whole affair broke out, Miren Triggs was still only a student at Columbia University. But as part of her investigative journalism course, she will have to investigate Kiera's disappearance. For her, it will be a kind of revelation: no matter what it will cost her, she will never give up and will do everything in her power to bring the little one back to her parents. And this, even if the police will not be able to extract anything from the VHS tapes titled Kiera which will be sent over the years…