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In reading mode: to think outside the box

In reading mode: to think outside the box


We've always had a weakness for stories that go completely off the beaten track. This is what explains in large part why we enjoyed this one so much, which takes place in 1995, in Tennessee.

That year, Lillian Breaker will receive a new letter of her friend Madison. They haven't seen each other in over a good decade and lead very different lives, but whatever. Year after year, they never stopped writing to each other. And this time, if Madison took up the pen, it was to offer Lillian a job… without however specifying which one.

All fired up

At 28, Lillian is a grocery store cashier and still lives with her mother in the attic of the house. If there is worse, we also agree that there can be better. And as a result, Lillian will go to Franklin without asking too many questions. 

She should have, because what Madison is going to offer her will be beyond comprehension. The man she married, a wealthy senator older than her, had twins from a previous marriage. Bessie and Roland, 10 years old. Their mother having recently died, so they are about to come live with them and Madison would like Lillian to become their governess. The problem, because there is a problem, is that they would both suffer from a unique ailment: if they are disturbed or angry, their body temperature starts to climb alarmingly and … they catch fire! 

We highly recommend.


< em>Break the earth soon

At the turn of the 20th century, to flee Russian oppression, young Aino Koski and her two brothers left Finland to go to the United States. But there too life will not be easy and they will have to work (very) hard to carve out a place in the sun. A cobblestone that is worth its weight in gold and that teaches us a lot about the daily lives of loggers at the time. 

Autopsy of a drama< /strong>

Liz works in the pediatric emergency department of a large London hospital and as such has seen pretty much everything. Which won't prevent her from being very surprised the day her good friend Jess arrives with her 10-month-old granddaughter, who injured herself in a fall. It remains to be seen whether his fall was accidental… or not. A disturbing domestic thriller.

So British!

Coloring has many benefits: in addition to allowing us to express our creativity, it helps us to let go and lower our stress level. So if we want to be a little more zen in 2023 while getting into the Downton Abbey mood, we'll have plenty here to occupy evenings and afternoons off!

Broths & bowls

With this book at hand, it will be much easier to get through the winter without a hitch. Especially if you have a weakness for Asian cuisine! Because in addition to showing us how to make all kinds of homemade noodles (udon, ramen, bamee, wontons…), it offers around sixty recipes featuring bowls. And honestly, all of them deserve to be tasted. 

Thrills guaranteed

The house without memories

Do you have to have read The House of Voices(published in 2020) before being able to delve into this second part of the series devoted to the Florentine psychologist and hypnotist Pietro Gerber? Ideally, yes. Because the one who is nicknamed “the sleeper of children” lived there some sacred adventures that it would be good to know to better appreciate this sequel. For example, we will know why he now only has his job or why he is far from being at his best mentally…

Despite everything, Gerber is determined to follow the case of young Nikolin, who could not be more strange. 

Save who can!

On June 7, 2020, he and his mother, a 44-year-old Albanian immigrant, were indeed missing after the car they were living in was found abandoned with the doors open in the woods of Valle dell'Inferno, Tuscany. 

On February 23, 2021, eight months later, Nikolin will reappear as if by magic in the same place, but alone. And when Pietro Gerber tries to make him talk to find out what could have happened to his mother, what he will hear will be quite horrifying.

A good opus, Donato Carrisi certainly not lacking in skill!  

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