In reading mode: under the cobblestones, misery

In reading mode: under the cobblestones, misery


In her first novel, the young American Leila Mottley chose to talk about child prostitution. A poignant book that you won't soon forget. 

With a father dead and a mother in prison, 17-year-old Kiara Johnson can only count on her big brother Marcus to help pay for the apartment in East Oakland where they live. And just to add a layer of it, a poster stuck to the door has just told them that the price of their rent is about to double.  

Convinced that he can follow in the footsteps of their uncle Ty, who made millions by recording a rap album, Marcus refuses to face reality and find a “normal” job. Instead, he prefers to continue spending his days in the studio, and too bad if it doesn't bring in a penny.

Someday fucking, always fucking?

Backed up against the wall, Kiara will soon have only one solution to escape eviction and starvation: walk the International Boulevard to sell her charms. A job that can pay off big if, like the sculptural Camila, you know how to do it and who to hang out with. The problem is that Kiara won't really have time to learn. Barely launched, it will be stopped by the cops. Which will very quickly turn into a nightmare, because several of these men supposed to represent law and order have a weakness for girls Kiara's age.

Inspired by a real event, it is one of the books that we will surely hear a lot about this fall, the sad adventures of the young Kiara cannot leave anyone indifferent.


Fire and Blood, Part I

Starting August 21, Crave can watch House of the Dragon, which tells the story of House Targaryen centuries before anything that happened in The Iron Throne em>. But if you want to be in the heat of the action, you absolutely have to read the novel that inspired this high-profile series. Notice to those interested, Part II is also already available in bookstores.

The science of illusion

Luc Langevin has more than one trick up his sleeve. A master in the art of creating illusions, he is capable of anything: making objects fly, making rabbits appear anywhere, guessing the number you have in mind, etc. But for his magic to work, he mainly uses science. And thanks to this bewitching book, he allows us to understand why and how.

Agenda du français pratique 2023

As everyone knows, our beautiful language conceals a number of traps of all kinds. Fortunately, for several years now, we have been able to count on this ultra-practical tool to thwart some of them: in addition to helping us organize our days from January to December, it allows us to see how well we have mastered French. !

On the way to Compostela

Who has not dreamed one day of going on an adventure on the paths of Compostela? With its 80,000 km of marked trails spread across France, Spain and Portugal, it can however be a bit difficult to choose the route that suits us best. This pocket guide will therefore be able to enlighten us, while providing us with a wealth of advice to properly prepare and plan our pilgrimage. 

Chills guaranteed

Fears in deep water

Jean Sardi is a specialist in diving in extreme conditions, the kind of man you contact when nothing is going well at 20,000 leagues under the sea. But if his company has the wind in its sails, the job is not without danger (we will understand why from the first pages). And again, he has to hire someone to complete his shock team. This is how he will choose Eve, a pretty redhead whose main quality is to be as comfortable underwater as Ariel, Disney's Little Mermaid.

And the galley is on the way

We're telling you all this because soon, the naked body of a young woman will be fished up off the coast of Marseille. He will show bite marks all over the place, except on the left foot… which was severed at the ankle. Commander Chloé Latour, of the Marseille criminal brigade, will therefore also end up contacting Jean Sardi. The unknown – who will not remain unknown for long – would have died in very deep waters and to discover the reasons, Sardi could be quite well placed. 

A thriller that can be read in apnea, even if the ending is a tad predictable.