In real time: the new Yorker filmed the iconic dance of Joaquin Phoenix in the image of the Joker

В режиме реального времени: житель Нью-Йорка снял на видео культовый танец Хоакина Феникса в образе Джокера

today, 09:10

A resident of new York showed on video how they filmed the cult dance of Joaquin Phoenix in the image of the Joker.

In the Internet appeared the video from the shoot “Joker” directed by Todd Phillips. The new Yorker managed to catch Joaquin Phoenix at precisely the moment when he plunged into the dancing Joker on the stairs in the new York borough of the Bronx.

After the release of the film, this dance has become iconic. Stairs, on which danced the Joker, has become a landmark which is marked on many maps. Fans of the film find them and try to repeat the famous dance.

A fan of the film, which has managed to catch the original dance of the Joker “in real time”, removed from the window.

Internet users were delighted rare footage and called it “lucky” and “witness the historic moment.”

In the comments to the post, a lot of fans of the movie again shared the meme.

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