In Russia died actor from the TV series “deadly force”

В России умер актер из сериала «Убойная сила»

He starred in the first Soviet action movie.At the age of 67 years has died the national actor of the Republic of North Ossetia Alania Lattimer Dzitiev, reports the with reference on the Facts.

Zmiev served in the North Ossetian state academic theatre named thapsaeva, performed as a soloist Male-voice choir songs of the national branch of the Mariinsky theatre and the chamber choir “Arion”.

He is known for cameo roles in such films as “Pirates of the twentieth century” (which is called the first Soviet fighter), “Khrustalev, the car!”, “August. Eighth,” “the voice of the mother”, “Magic hat” and also starred in the TV series “deadly force”.


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