In Russia, fell black snow. Video

В России выпал черный снег. Видео

Media write that the reason for this emergency-opencast coal.In Kiselevsk (Russia) for open pit mining of coal one of the local firms, the city was covered with coal dust and “black snow”.

It is reported by the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Black snow became the last topic of the day in the Kuzbass public and telegram channels. Discussed video from Kiselevsk, shot from the car window in the area of the mine №12 (As in Kiselevsk called mining venture located near urban area).

Videos commented on by many, including Maxim Karabelnikov mayor of Kiselevsk. Noticed that in many cities of Kuzbass now black snow along the roads because of the calm weather and lack of snowfall.

“However, black kiselevskogo snow is outstanding. Blame not only the weather, but mine # 12 – the company “Stroyservis” businessman Dmitry Nikolaev. Mine is number 12, the oldest coal company in Russia, been running continuously since 1917. But in 2013 the mine it is no longer. It is now a coal mine with the historical name. Opencast coal leads to the consequences that can be observed in the near Kiselevsk”, – write media.

It is reported that despite the annual protests of environmentalists and activists, a businessman ignores environmental measures.

“So the residents of the area of the mine №12 in Kiselevsk look at the black snow will have a long time. In the end, as correctly noted in the comments to the video black in the spring the snow will melt faster,” – said in the message.

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