In Russia opened a case against an American journalist who proposed to “destroy the bridge in the Crimea”

В РФ открыли дело против американского журналиста, который предложил "уничтожить мост в Крым"

Sledkov Russia filed against American journalist Tom Rogan for his proposal to bomb the Crimean bridge. This writes the Pro-government online Russian NTV.

According to experts Sledkoma of the Russian Federation, the article of the journalist of Ukraine should blow up Putin’s Crimea bridge, published in the edition of the Washington Examiner, seen signs of public appeals to implementation of terrorist activities on the territory of Russia.

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Traditionally Sledkom of the Russian Federation suggested that these calls aim to destabilize the activities of the authorities (a crime under article 205 of the criminal code).

At the same time carried out pre-investigation checks against the editor of the Washington Examiner on the fact of publication of the mentioned article Rohan.

As previously reported “facts”, the Rohan material was posted on the newspaper’s website on may 15. The journalist expressed the opinion that Ukraine needs to carry out air strikes on the Crimean bridge to make it unusable.

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Recall that the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was illegally seized from Ukraine in the spring of 2014 as a result of planned Moscow a special operation to total destabilization of the country after the revolution of Dignity. Under the muzzles of the guns of the Russian ships was held a “referendum” on annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea to Russia. The results of the referendum were not recognized by any civilized country in the world and any international organization including the UN. Ukraine still considers Crimea as temporarily stolen from her territory, which is sure to return to the country. According to many Ukrainians, the decision to break all contracts and agreements (including a Treaty on friendship, cooperation and partnership of Ukraine with Russia (the so-called “Big Treaty”) with the “brotherly country” indicates the absence of the Russian leadership abilities to strategic thinking, which will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the Russian Federation — the state to which we once had the best of feelings.

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