In Russia, when applying for a civil service asking the numbers of the graves of relatives

В России при приеме на госслужбу спрашивают номера могил родственников

About this, the air force said one of the employees of the Central Bank.

It turns out that in addition to the standard questionnaires of the applicant please write an autobiography, which is recommended to tell about his nationality, citizenship and reasons for the change, if it was about your immediate family, including former spouses, to provide a list of trips abroad and indicate whether relatives live abroad. In addition, it is necessary to specify the place of burial of relatives, writes the BBC.

Similar questions in other state agencies. For example, the apparatus of one of the chambers of the state Duma in employment are asked to specify not only the burial place of the relatives, but also the registration number of the grave. The same is required when filling out the questionnaire on access to state secrets.

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