In school at the same time became pregnant seven teachers

About pregnancy reported by 7 of the 15 teachers

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В школе одновременно забеременели семь учительниц

Seven pregnant teachers in the United States

In the American elementary school Oak Street Elementary School, located in Goddard, Kansas, about the pregnancy for a short time said 7 of the 15 teachers, writes the news portal KHQ.

According to school Director Ashley Miller, she is faced with such for the first time in practice. Miller managed to pick up a replacement all leaving on maternity leave to female employees. The woman joked that, perhaps, is to attach to the school kindergarten.

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Two teachers gave birth at the end of March with a difference of just a day. The rest will go to the hospital in a different period to the end of October. “This is insanely funny. It seemed to me that many of us, when we were three. And then we became four and then five, and now seven of us, and this is a Comedy,” said teacher Tara Johnson.

Women do it to each other, but, in General, happy about the situation, as they can support each other and share news.

Earlier we wrote about a Chinese girl for a long time could not get pregnant, and later survived a double childbirth for six days to produce three children. It was also reported that “the pregnancy,” American turned out to be a tumor in 20 kg.

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В школе одновременно забеременели семь учительниц

В школе одновременно забеременели семь учительниц

В школе одновременно забеременели семь учительниц


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