In search of freshness

À la recherche de fraîcheur

The heat wave has pushed Montreal to look for any way to cool off on Saturday. The pools and beaches were crowded. Even the fountains have charmed the bathers!

Hundreds of towels scattered on the urban beach of Verdun demonstrated the enthusiasm of the yachtsmen eager for fresh water.

The beach is technically closed, remained accessible to the bathers. A sign there indicated clearly that swimming is at their own risk.

“I didn’t know that it was closed. I saw the people coming, I am told that it is open,” said Lisa, with her daughter Mila.

Sasha King Kabu was his sixth time at the beach since the beginning of the warm weather. “With all the heat today, it is sure that it was the right time to come to the beach. It is a beautiful beach with the sand and the kids love to come,” said Mr. King Kabu.

Outdoor swimming pools

Just next door, to the outdoor swimming pool Arthur-Therrien, according to the rules, all the hours, the people are entitled to 45 minutes of swimming. When the hour ends, everyone should come out.

The family Kiar sat in the shade, patiently, waiting for the time ends. The Kiar prefer the water of a swimming pool that the water of the St. Lawrence. “We want to have a 45 minutes to complete”, has launched the father of the family.

The swimming pool of the parc Baldwin, in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, did not escape not to the tidal wave of bathers, Saturday. A queue of 200 metres along the fence.

At the entrance, lifeguards vaporisaient antiseptic the hands of all those who passed through the grids which delimit the terrain of the pool. A maximum of 160 persons were allowed to enter the perimeter.

We ask the swimmers to redo the file each time. “This is to let the chance to everyone to bathe,” explained the lifeguard at the entrance.

Seeing people in a bathing suit and wet hair, it was easy to understand that a majority were refurbishing the queue. “This is the third time they are expected to return in the water,” explained several bathers.

The huge queue did not seem like it at all. Michel Durand was “absurd that there are so many people in queue”. “There is no social distancing when people are online, I’m going to go back on a week day”, launched by Mr. Durand.

In this hot day, even the fountains of the Place des Arts have been courted. Ekaterina and her friend were fun to jump in the jets synchronized. “My friends have told me to come here, we were looking for a place to wet a little!” she started.

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