In September and October, the contemporary art festival will combine the know-how of Sète and Lisbon

In September and October, the contemporary art festival will combine the know-how of Sète and Lisbon

Après Los Angeles et Palerme, rendez-vous au mois de septembre pour un festival d’art contemporain 2024 rapprochant Sète et Lisbonne Midi Libre – Patrice Espinasse

After Los Angeles and Palermo, Lisbon: the international contemporary art festival Sète Lisboa will bring together twenty-three artists from the two cities from September 9 to 14 in Sète and from October 15 to 19 in Lisbon.

After Los Angeles in 2019 and Palermo in 2022, here is Lisbon in 2024. The international contemporary art festival this time builds a bridge between the singular island and the Portuguese capital which will take shape at the start of the school year with two cultural rounds: the first in Sète from September 9 to 14, the second in Lisbon from October 15 to 19.

In both locations, twenty-three artists – twelve from here, eleven from there – will exhibit in often unusual locations in both cities and will live an immersive experience together by integrating a residency for the duration of the festival. “In Lisbon, which is home to many artists, we found the same creative energy as in Sète”, explains Sophie Dulin, who created the Sète Los Angeles (SLA) association in 2018 with Marie Taillan and Pauline Boyé, to “meet other territories, other cultures and share their riches through art contemporary".

Philippe Saulle : "The noble intention of crossing knowledge"

As in each edition, we will find well-known local artists and new talents seduced by the singular island, like Naomi and Damien, present at the launch of Sète Lisboa this Wednesday, at the tourist office de Sète. "We discovered fascinating, emerging and committed artists who love this city and defend it", explains  Philippe Saulle, curator of the exhibition, who selected them by pursuing "the noble intention of crossing knowledge".< /p>

You will have understood: beyond the works and the shared passion for art, there is the concern to increase exchanges and meetings to create new ideas. rsquo;enrich the differences between people and territories. And even discover its tourist attractions. See you in September in Sète and in October in Lisbon!

The twenty-three artists and places here and there

The artists here:Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, André Cervera, Elisa Fantozzi, Agnès Fornells, Damien Fagnon, Vir Andres Hera, Island/Sea/cold (Hugo Lemaire and Boris Geoffroy), Sam Krack, Raphaël Kuntz, Zoé Lakhnati, Les Crafties, Naomi Maury, Marion Mounic , Elena Salah.

Lisbon artists: Pedro Barateiro, Inês Barros, Sara Bichão, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Vasco Costa, Julien Fargetton, Pauline Guerrier, Manuela Marques , Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Marcio Vilela.

The places here: Paul-Valéry Museum, Quartier Haut chapel, Miam, Zoom gallery, Le Cyclo, La ola Beach, Pop gallery, L'Echappée Belle bookstore, Espace Felix, School of Fine Arts, Crac.

Lisbon places: convento Dos Capuchos, casa do comun centro cultural do Bairro alto, gardens of the Gulbenkian foundation, Rui Freire gallery, Museum of art, architecture and technology (MAAT), Ojo gallery, Salto gallery.

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