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En spectacle chez vous

Another project is in addition to the way to see live music this summer. After the shows in the musiparcs and those in the box of the truck, Emile Bilodeau, this time, it is Andréanne A. Malette boost to the Tour CAMP FIRE with a dozen artists.

The concept is simple : the Tour of CAMP FIRE allows any member of the public to engage in one of the fifteen artists for a performance in acoustic and intimate in his back yard, around a fire camp, and, from 1 July to 15 October, everywhere in the province. Among them, King Melrose, Jean-Marc Couture, Travis Cormier, François Lachance and Sophie Pelletier.

It is a show of an hour and a half is offered, during which the artist, alone with his guitar or accompanied by a musician, makes their own songs and some classic camp-fire.

As the gatherings of ten people are now permitted in private yards, Andréanne A. Malette was able to revive the project for a fifth edition. In public places like campings or parks, 50 people are permitted to gather for the show, respecting social distancing.

Andréanne A. Malette had this idea to go sing at people, around a camp fire, in 2016. The first year, she gave forty concerts alone. The project has gained momentum, to the point of piling up on his offer of several artists.

“Today, it is sixty shows per year. It has even already done the Maritimes and Ontario. I have ambitions of pan-canadian significance with this project “, she entrusted to the Journal.

To adapt to the rules

This year, however, Andréanne A. Malette is not placed on the list of available artists, for the simple reason that produce this tour requires a lot of management. Especially due to the pandemic.

“There will be technicalities additional, that’s for sure. It has provided health kits for artists. It has prepared it for this to be safe. It was a novelty this year, there is a “soundman” who will follow us and it will be the only one able to touch the sound equipment. But if there was a second wave, we will pull the plogue “, she said.

A privileged link

Andréanne A. Malette was eager to start the tour to “bring people together” and ” working artists “.

They need more than ever to maintain links with the public, and the Tour of FIRE CAMP is the perfect opportunity for them to do so.

“The people that I went to, I still see them in my rooms today,” she says. It creates bonds super strong with the public. The artists arrive one hour before the show to settle in and get acquainted. You do a little part of the family. It is very intimate and friendly what goes on in these evenings there. ”

Andréanne A. Malette hopes to migrate his project CAMP FIRE to a festival virtual, at the end of the summer.

To receive a artist in your court and know the price, it is necessary to make the application by filling in a form on the website

The list of artists

  • Vanessa Borduas
  • Tom Chicoine
  • Travis Cormier
  • Jean-Marc Couture
  • Olivier Couture
  • The Jacks
  • Édouard Lagacé
  • François Lachance
  • King Melrose
  • Melissa Ouimet
  • David Paradis
  • Yvan Pedneault
  • Sophie Pelletier
  • Trudy Simoneau
  • Veranda
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