In Simferopol, the children sang the poems of Shevchenko. Video

В Симферополе дети исполнили песню по стихам Шевченко. Видео

The children and modern performed the song on the verses of Shevchenko.

Birthday of Taras Shevchenko on March 9 in Simferopol, the children performed a touching song for his poems in modern arrangements. Among the vocalists – not only ethnic Ukrainians but Crimean Tatars, Russians and Koreans, reports the online edition of the with reference to

The video performance of the song on the poetry of Shevchenko was published in YouTube a teacher of young singers Julia Katula. She jokes that with his team already is going on “Above.Fest”.

“My students – young vocalists have combined our Taras Shevchenko. They both liked the rhythm, the style, the energy, the forcefulness of this song (the winner of last year’s competition for the best song on Shevchenko’s words) that they took to study it. And first results”, – said Cachola.


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