In “Smashed 2”, the Gandini Juggling company juggles and laughs with talent and humor at our stereotypes.

In "Smashed 2", the Gandini Juggling company juggles and laughs with talent and humor at our stereotypes.

Les hommes et les femmes portent l’art du jonglage à des hauteurs inespérées. Cie Gandini Juggling

Lots of oranges, a few watermelons and high-flying jugglers. This is the recipe from the British company Gandini Juggling, in "Smashed 2", at La Cigalière this Friday March 29, at 8:30 p.m. We talk about love, of desire and revenge, while twisting the neck of machismo with such British humor and phlegm. A hair-raising choreography!

"Some 80 oranges, 7 watermelons and 9 jugglers. It’s Smashed. But not the one you think…" While the first part of the British company Gandini Juggling saw 7 men and two women juggling with the forbidden fruit – the apple, therefore – and some tea services, "Smashed 2", presented this Friday March 29 at La Cigalière, reverse the codes.< /p>

Now, there are 7 women and two men who play with oranges, watermelons and melons but always talk about desire, love, passion and revenge (very juicy, it has to be). rsquo;confess), while twisting the neck of ordinary machismo. It was in 1992 that Sean Gandini and Kati Yla-Hokkala, two internationally renowned jugglers, founded the Gandini Juggling company.

Juggling virtuosos

And brilliantly reinvent the art of juggling. "Smashed is a sensational blend of virtuosity in motion. Inspired by Pina Bausch's Tanztheater, it is a succession of living paintings, like old photographs that evoke war, lost love and the old-fashioned charm of afternoon tea".

In "Smashed 2", "the jugglers take the place of the men and give a boost of freshness and acidity to the big classic Gandini Juggling". Currently, this constantly evolving collective, composed of virtuosos, is growing regularly, sometimes including up to 20 artists.

A very British phlegm

Les Gandini "seek to reposition juggling as a versatile, engaging art form, adaptable to our times and throughout the performances, the public becomes complicit in the development of their work". There is choreography, staging, wit too, lively and sharp, humor and a very British phlegm. A circus gem that devilishly brings joy.

“Smashed 2”, by the Gandini Juggling company, Friday March 29, at 8:30 p.m., at La Cigalière, in Sérignan. From 8 years old. Prices: 11 euros; at 24 euros. Information and reservations: 04 67 32 63 26 ;

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