In South Africa the giraffe killed a famous film Director (photo)

В ЮАР жираф убил известного кинорежиссера (фото)

On Saturday, may 5, it became known about the death of the famous Director Carlos Carvalho. 47-year-old winner of many awards was filming the TV series Wild at heart (ITV) in South Africa.

В ЮАР жираф убил известного кинорежиссера (фото)

Carlos Carvalho filmed in South Africa series Wild at heart

As the member of the crew Drikus van der Merwe, who was next to Carvalho, they worked on the episode with the giraffes. Attention of a male named Gerald attracted the attention of microphone mounted on a long telescopic tripod.

Giraffe started to chase him. “We do not feel any danger. Gerald was obviously passionate about the microphone. And it looked like a game, but not as aggression. Carvalho told me to keep shooting. And we were moving parallel to the Gerald. Suddenly, a giraffe with all his strength butted Carlos. From powerful blow, he went flying 5 meters to the side,” says Drikus.

“You know, Carlos looked into the camera lens. He saw only the legs and lower torso of a giraffe. And Gerald sharply bowed its long neck and hit his head. It was a blow out of nowhere!” — added van der Merwe.

В ЮАР жираф убил известного кинорежиссера (фото)

Gerald The Giraffe

Carvalho was lying on the ground unconscious, when he ran people. Blood oozed from his ears and eyes. The Director hastily brought to a hospital in Johannesburg, but the doctors were unable to help him.

The tragedy occurred in the popular Park Glen, located approximately 80 kilometres North of Johannesburg.

Shooting “Wild at heart” is suspended. It’s the story about the wives of the veterinarians that create a hospital in Africa for wildlife.

Carlos Carvalho started his career in 1992. In 2003, he received a special prize at the Cannes international film festival. In 2014 was awarded an African Academy award for his film “the Forgotten Kingdom”.

The administration of the Park, Glen Afrique is not going to do anything with a giraffe. It is emphasized that the animal is in no way to blame.

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