In spite of the high status of: Elizabeth II, tea was served to the employee of Buckingham Palace

One of the employees lucky enough to intersect with the Queen in the Palace

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Вопреки высокому статусу: Елизавета ІІ подала чай работнику Букингемского дворца

Elizabeth II

Despite its high status of the monarch, Elizabeth II often in everyday life doesn’t act like a king. Recently, she took a shovel in hand to plant a tree, and this time again surprised by the simplicity of their behavior.

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An unusual story in the newspaper The Sun said the furniture maker by the name of Kevin Andrews. According to him, teammate Kevin had the honor to chat with Her Majesty, who proposed to drink his tea. The Queen just walked up to an employee and asked to take a break, what the furniture maker has agreed with pleasure.

“Let’s go. In a jar with two tablespoons of sugar. Love so much the builders. I don’t need the stuff I brought last time with all these porcelain saucers,” replied the Queen male.

Then Elizabeth II brought the Cup and said put it on the table. Note that very soon the car will be released documentary “Secrets of the Royal palaces”, the filming of which involved a lot of real characters. One of the heroes of the film was Kevin Andrews.

We will remind that recently the Dukes of Sussex angered Queen Elizabeth II, her refusal to her invitation.

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