In Sumy region the mother put her own daughter on a chain. Video

В Сумской области мать посадила собственную дочь на цепь. Видео

According to mother, she suffers from drug addiction.

In Konotop mother chained own 22-year-old daughter to the battery with metal chains. According to the woman, she went to such a step, because that “ponabirali loans” and abused drugs. Free the girl could only a week, reports the with reference to ZIK.

22-the summer inhabitant of Konotop almost a week spent chained to a radiator in his own house. Managed to escape when, like in the movies, opened the lock with scissors. Immediately called the police.

“She was chained to a radiator for about a week. There she brought food, natural needs made in a plastic bucket,” – said the head of the Konotop police Department Bohdan Wojciechowski.

As explained by the victim, handcuffed her mother. Everything else took the phone and was forbidden to communicate with his son.

“I the same day he took the phone, my documents and my child. First tied two hours, and possibly more, the lace from a gown. When my uncle came, too, began to shout and beat me because I took out a loan and quit my job,” says the victim.

The mother of his act explained that her daughter “earn credits” and did not want to work. Therefore, all financial obligations fall on her shoulders. Besides, according to her, the girl did drugs. Supposedly, tying the daughter wanted to keep her safe from reckless actions.

“This is in order to keep her from drugs and the next loans, I tied her to from home do not go”, – explains his behavior, the victim’s mother.

The investigation revealed: no appeal women at the daughters and family problems and to social services or the police didn’t arrive. His mother and stepfather faces up to five years of imprisonment.

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