In Sweden, medieval knights to enforce the social distancing

En Suède, des chevaliers médiévaux pour faire respecter la distanciation sociale

A crusade against the COVID-19: riders dressed as medieval knights, have been recruited by the authorities of a Swedish island to enforce the social distancing to tourists.

Wearing their full armor worthy of the Twelfth century, and bearing a banner on which is written “Together we take our responsibilities,” eight knights will ensure the respect of the gestures barriers this summer by the tourists visiting the island of Gotland, in the Baltic.

“We have three messages: keep your distance, wash your hands regularly and stay home if you don’t feel well “, told the AFP Lennart Borg, the origin of the initiative, welcoming the fact that his “soldiers” to attract a lot of attention, especially when they are on their horse.

The cavaliers, who are paid, working on the company of replenishment Torneamentum, which organizes usually jousting tournaments each summer. This year, however, the tournament had to be cancelled due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The knights made their first incursion on Monday on the port of the island to welcome tourists, arrived by boat.

During the next few weeks, these knights will be expected at the beach, in the centre of the city and any other location where the risk of a rally is high.

Located in the south-east of Sweden, in the middle of the Baltic sea, Gotland is a summer destination popular. In 2018, the island of 58 700 inhabitants welcomed a total of 950 000 visitors and this year, following the closures of borders and other travel restrictions because of COVID-19, the Swedish flock.

On the largest city of Gotland, Visby, already flirting with a medieval atmosphere: the city, a member of the hanseatic League, is surrounded by a wall built between the Thirteenth and Fourteenth century.

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