In Sweden, screening tests free of charge in case of any symptoms of the coronavirus

En Suède, tests de dépistage gratuits en cas de symptômes du coronavirus

Sweden announced Thursday offer free screenings to anyone with symptoms of the new coronavirus.

The objective is to control the infection rate in the country which has not imposed strict measures of containment, unlike many of its european neighbours.

The government has announced to dedicate a budget of 5.9 billion Swedish crowns (566 million euros), in addition to the billion crowns already promised to cover the costs of the tests and the follow-up of contacts of persons already infected.

“Now, anyone with symptoms of the COVID-19 will be able to get tested free of charge “, said the minister of financial Markets, Per Bolund, at a press conference.

Serological tests that detect the presence of antibodies to establish if the patient has already been reached by the virus – will also be made more available.

At the same time, the government has announced that as of 13 June, the population not exhibiting symptoms of the virus could once again travel freely in the country – while respecting the measures of distance.

Since may, it was advisable for the inhabitants to travel in less than two hours from home, in accordance with the restrictions taken to combat the spread of coronavirus.

“The situation is still serious. This announcement does not mean that the danger is past. It does not mean that life returns to normal “, has tempered the Prime minister Stefan Löfven at a press conference.

Until now, the country has recorded more than 41 000 cases of disease COVID-19 and 4562 death.

Sweden has chosen a very original approach in Europe by not confining its population. The health authorities have called on everyone to ” responsibility “: a gap between physical, strict application of the rules of hygiene, isolation in case of symptoms.

Among the most harsh measures taken so far include the ban of gatherings of more than 50 people and visits in the retirement homes.

This approach has led to a wave of criticism, both from within the country and outside, at a time when the number of the dead in Sweden has greatly exceeded that recorded by the neighbouring nordic countries, which have all imposed restrictive measures.

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