In Sweden, the polar bear stuck in the window of the hotel, notably Breakfast

В Швеции белый медведь застрял в окне отеля, знатно позавтракав

The bear climbed into the pantry, where he spent the night.

Swedish tour guide found a white bear in hotel Radio Adventure Hotel on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, according to the with reference to Comments.

Going into the room of the hotel, the woman saw the footprints of huge paws, open bags with food waste and broken bottles of wine. From the pantry, heard suspicious noises that betrayed the presence of a predator.

It turned out that the bear in the evening climbed into the pantry. The door slammed shut. In a panic he began to break Windows and end up stuck in one of them.

Staff has contacted local authorities who sent the rescue team. However, hearing the noise of the helicopter, the beast still escaped from prison and fled.

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