In Sweden, the sky fills with the hearts in tribute to the victims of the COVID-19

En Suède, le ciel se remplit de cœurs en hommage aux victimes de la COVID-19

Huge hearts in the sky: the residents of Stockholm and its region were surprised to see hovering above their heads Thursday, several hearts drawn with the aid of aircraft, a way to pay tribute to the victims of the new coronavirus.

Traced to nearly 3000 metres above sea level, these drawings ephemera of a different kind, were quickly swept away in the blue sky of sweden.

“It is a tribute to the victims of the coronavirus, editor’s note), but also to those who have lost their jobs “, especially in the middle of aviation, tells AFP Jacob Holländer, one of the two drivers to the original works.

With his colleague Bengt Andersson, the two professionals, the members of a team of air shows, say they wanted to “spread the joy” in the air.

Sweden has chosen an original approach in Europe by not confining its population to fight against the Covid-19.

On Thursday, the balance of the kingdom has reached 5500 dead for more than 74, 000 cases. Compared to its population, the scandinavian countries displayed the fifth-worst rate of mortality per million inhabitants due to the COVID-19 in the world, five to twelve times higher than those of its neighbouring nordic countries (Norway, Finland, Denmark).

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