In Syria, among the crowd of refugees suicide bombers blew themselves up

В Сирии среди толпы беженцев смертники подорвали себя

Suicide bombers were dressed in women’s clothes.On Friday, March 15, three suicide bombers blew themselves up in a crowd of people leaving the last enclave of the Islamic state in Eastern Syria, writes the with reference to UNIAN.

The attack killed at least six people. Three more fighters of the Syrian democratic forces (SDS) received minor injuries. According to SDS, the explosions occurred on the territory of a humanitarian corridor for the residents of the village of Bagus. It is noted that the suicide bombers were dressed in women’s clothes.

Among the victims – surrendered to the militants, their family members, supporters of terrorists, prisoners and civilians. This is the first attack on civilians, which left the enclave in Bagusa five weeks after the start of the offensive the Syrian fighters of the democratic forces.

As reported, the Mission-finding evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria (MOFS) came to the conclusion that during the attack in the Duma in April 2018 was used chlorine.


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