In Syria exploded the block, killed a lot of people

В Сирии взорвалась многоэтажка: погибло много людей

At least 39 people were killed during the explosion at the arms depot in Syria. The warehouse was in the basement of a five-storey house in the village of Sarmad (Idlib province) near the border with Turkey.

As reports “Ukrainian truth” with reference to art, among the dead are women and children. So, the Syrian non-governmental volunteer organization “White helmets” reported 36 dead. There are many wounded, but their number is not known. Other sources state that killed 39 people, 21 of whom were women and children. Many of the dead were immigrants from the Syrian province of HOMS.

It is reported that the Armory belonged to the merchant associated with the Committee for the liberation of the Levant — a group which, in turn, is connected with “al-Qaeda”.

As previously reported “FACTS” in Syria blew up a car with the developer of chemical weapons Assad.

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