In the abandoned tomb was found the skeleton of an unknown girl

В заброшенной гробнице найден скелет неизвестной девочки

Researchers have stumbled upon a burial in progress partially destroyed pyramid in Medumi.

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the remains of 13-year-old girl during excavations of the ruins of a pyramid in 100 kilometers from Egypt, reports the Daily Mail. Her identity could not be established.

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It is also unknown when and where the child died. According to experts, found the building belongs to the late Third dynasty. That is, it can be about 4600 years old. In the room are also two skulls of animals and three ceramic vessels that were probably placed as funerary offerings. As specified in the Ministry of Affairs of antiquities of Egypt, the remains belong to the bulls.

It is believed that the construction of this period began at the order of the last Pharaoh of the Third dynasty of Hoony and continued under Sneferu of the Fourth dynasty.

At the same time in the Sinai Peninsula was found a workshop in which built and repaired ships thousands of years ago.

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