In the American zoo a woman was attacked by a Jaguar. Video

В американском зоопарке на женщину напал ягуар. Видео

A visitor to the zoo wanted to make selfi on the background of a predator.

At the zoo in the city of Phoenix, state of Arizona (USA), Jaguar attacked the woman who was trying to take a selfie – right in the cage the animal, reports the with reference on the Facts.

The incident occurred on Saturday. The woman jumped the fence and went to the cage of the animal to take a picture of him. When she came close enough, Jaguar stuck his paws through the bars and claws thoroughly tore her hands.

The Director of Wildlife World zoo Mickey Ollson said that to get people not to climb over the fence impossible.

“These barriers are installed just because” – he stressed.

According to Olson, this Jaguar had once attacked the man, one person climbed the fence, but inflicted less serious wounds. The incident on Saturday – the result of “human error”, so to euthanize the Jaguar will not, he added.

On the new Internet video shows a woman about thirty years old, writhing in pain on the ground. Who directed the movie Adam Wilkerson said in an interview with Fox News channel that he heard cries for help and ran back to where they came.

“Jaguar stuck his paw out of the cage and clutched in her hands. My mother, who was nearby, decided to distract the animal, grabbed his water bottle and slipped it through the bars beside him. “Jaguar is so easy to let her go, because the claws only caught mostly by the sleeves of her sweater. I immediately grabbed her and dragged from the cell. And the Jaguar grabbed the bottle,” he said.


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