In the Australian sky caught the mysterious green glow

В австралийском небе засняли загадочное зеленое сияние

Ufologists believe that it was the portal.

Netizens began to speculate that green glow appeared during a thunderstorm over Australia. On the attached video below you can see the bright green light that periodically breaks through the clouds, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

The video was recorded by a resident of the Australian city of Kalgoorlie named Lee Stevens. Video appeared on the YouTube channel “The Hidden Underbelly” where he noticed the conspiracy theorists. According to some experts, the woman was able to capture the opening of a portal. There were, of course, and the people who voted against this theory.

According to one scholar, the glow was the result of a chemical reaction of some elements that have begun to interact with each other due to the influence of lightning.

Another expert suggested that the green luminescence was due to the ionization of the air by an unknown device to control the weather. Who to believe – only you can decide.

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