In the “Battle of psychics” called the name of the winner: “It’s fate”

На "Битве экстрасенсов" назвали имя победителя: "Это судьба"

yesterday, 18:32

In the final issue of a mystical reality “the Battle of psychics” has learned the name of the winner. Host Paul Kostitsyn announced that the results of the audience vote, the strongest party became the Gypsy clairvoyant Arman Cybulski.

For winning the project fought four finalists: the arch-witch from Israel Solomon, an Armenian psychic, a witch and a fortune teller Liana Movsesyan, spouses psychics, white mage and black witch, Dmitry and Bella, and Gypsy clairvoyant Arman Cybulski.

На "Битве экстрасенсов" назвали имя победителя: "Это судьба"

The Cup winner was awarded to Arman Cybulski who had participated in the 14th season of the project with his wife Rubina.

“This is the fate of Arman, I can see clearly”, – said Nicholas before the decisive event.

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На "Битве экстрасенсов" назвали имя победителя: "Это судьба"

Arman himself admits: “I have long lived with the idea of victory. She was my obsession. Kind of feel like I went through the dark maze, and now see in front of the door – I just had to touch her. I don’t even believe that it is real. It’s hard for me to Express what I’m feeling. I’m too hard on yourself. Inside the incredible flow of energy. I’ll try not to disappoint your expectations. I am extremely grateful to everyone”.

Second place was awarded to viewers of the arch-witch of Solomon. However, in this day of her life happened not less significant event, than to win the project. Party 20 of the season “Battle” Roman Sheptytsky made her an offer of marriage!

На "Битве экстрасенсов" назвали имя победителя: "Это судьба"

“I’m back, my dear Solomon, and I want to say that I love you. Want you to become my wife and the whole country said, do you agree,” he stunned recognition psychic.

We will remind, complicated trials tested participants ‘ strength.

As reported Know. ua, who will win in the mystical project of Ukraine.

Also Know As. ua wrote that participants of “Battle of psychics” will tell about the violence.

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