In the Bazaar of love : the end of Alice has failed to be very different based on Camille Lou

Le Bazar de la Charité : la fin d'Alice a failli être très différente d'après Camille Lou

In the Bazaar of love : the end of Alice could be totally different based on Camille Lou

The season 1 of the series in The Bazaar of love is now complete. And while TF1 is not expected to be renewed for a season 2, Camille Lou ensures that the end of Alice, her character, could have been different.

It is this Monday, December 9, that TF1 has aired the last episodes of the series event in The Bazar of the Charity. And while Alexandre Laurent, the director, has recently confirmed that it would not have a season 2, Camille Lou, for his part, took advantage of an interview to Tv-Entertainment to return on the end reserved for Alice, her character.

A logical end for Alice

Remember, after you have managed to save Victor from one execution to the guillotine (his father was finally admitted everything), Alice discovers not just the truth about the secret identity of Mrs Huchon alias Rose, in a scene both beautiful and intense. A shock to the heroine, but also for the actress, who has confessed to the magazine tv : “the final scene has been added during the shooting, it was not written like that

A last minute addition surprising, but also satisfying. Camille Lou was then recalled, this sequence brings to it only an other dimension to this conclusion : “But it was obvious. As téléspectatrice, I was happy. All of a sudden, the end takes on a different magnitude.

An important series

What to do the pride of the actress, who feels now closer than ever before to his character and this series, is able to address important issues and is often put in front of the television : “there is a thirst for justice, the idea that the truth must be heard at all costs. And also the feminism that the tip of its nose.

Shame not to see the series back in season 2…

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