“In the bedroom, shut up and let me”: the most blatant images MARUV before and after Eurovision

"В спальне замолчи и дай мне": самые откровенные образы MARUV до и после Евровидения

today, 00:44

Popular Ukrainian singer Maruv, which won the national selection for Eurovision, but never went because of the scandal around performances in Russia actively maintains his page in Instagram. The actress has become a real “breakthrough” of the year not only through voice, but also thanks to his unforgettable show, and very spicy outfits. She loves latex and leather, do not hesitate to fit their shapes, and even participating in the famous show “Dancing with the stars” have not changed their sexual roles.

For example, New year 2020 hot babe met in latex outfits kitties and bunnies. The girl is also not afraid to experiment with hair color.

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For the video for the song “If You Want Her,” Anna Korsun was reincarnated as a sexy witch, wearing white ruffles, but here, not forgetting the latex and the skin.

In the project “dancing with the stars” the actress, despite love of the audience, stayed a short time, however, her passionate moves and fancy costumes was remembered to fans for a long time.

But, beauty is shocking, not only on the stage that some of her candid outfits of everyday life.

Recall MARUV made a strong statement about Eurovision, don’t want to hear it from the Ukrainians.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Polyakov got breast MARUV.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the Eurovision organizers have promised harsh punishment for Ukraine for the antics of MARUV.

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