In the Bosporus encountered two ships. Video

В проливе Босфор столкнулись два судна. Видео

The footage shows how the cargo ship is literally “rammed” the boat.

On Friday, October 12, it became known that the Bosphorus Strait was a terrible accident. The cargo ship and the boat collided head-on. This is reported by Russian media, reports the with reference to Znaiu.

“In the Bosphorus Strait has faced the dry-cargo ship with the boat. Russian sailors laugh and shoot with the camera, while passenger ships rush to the aid of drowning people”, – stated in the message.

It should be noted that the published footage shows how the cargo ship is literally “rammed” the boat, after which it hurried people with other vessels. The Russians, as heard in the video, just laughed, used profanity and shouted the phrase “I taped it.”

In addition, the roller can be observed that after the incident, the ship moved on, as if the collision was not. At the moment information on the status of the victims is missing. The circumstances of the marine incident, check the law enforcement agencies.

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