In the bowels of the Earth have discovered a giant layer of diamonds

В недрах Земли обнаружили гигантский слой алмазов

Discovered deposits are impossible to get – they are in the so-called cratons – the ancient platforms of Precambrian age.

Examining the subsurface using sound waves, scientists have found that deep beneath the surface of the Earth has huge reserves of diamonds. Total weight distributed in the earth’s crust crystals of this mineral is estimated at 1 platonu, that is tons, writes the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“This study shows that the diamond is probably not so exotic mineral. We (discovered deposits) can’t get, but still amazing to learn that there is much more than previously thought,” write the researchers.

These diamonds are so-called cratons – the ancient platforms of Precambrian age that constitute the Central part of the continents and occupy large parts of their area (40%). The cratons look like inverted mountains, lie in the centers of tectonic platforms and can penetrate to a depth of 300 km. more “Roots” of such groups, according to the scientists, and contain the same diamonds.

The researchers found that sound waves undergo these sections of the crust much faster than the other layers. Comparing recorded “in the field” the speed of the waves with the speed of passage of sound through various substances in the lab, they concluded that these figures correspond to the ground with a 1-2% concentration of diamonds.

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