In the center of Kyiv will be lit star Andriy Shevchenko, Irina Deriugina and Dmitry Hristich

On 4 September the laying of the new stars on the famous “star Square” (near shopping center Gulliver)

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В центре Киева зажгутся звезды Андрею Шевченко, Ирине Дерюгиной и Дмитрию Христичу

The event promises to be fun and, as always, scale as three stars, which “breaks out” this day will be dedicated to the undisputed masters of the sport, which knows almost every Ukrainian – the legendary footballer Andriy Shevchenko, gymnast Irina Deriugina and hockey player Dmitry Hristich. “Celebrants” will be present on the tab personally, and their fans and guests of the Mall Gulliver, next to which is the “Square of stars”, will be able to congratulate them for their further recognition and to interact with them and make photo for memory.

According to one of the organizers of the project (and it is held in cooperation TH “connects this event with his Peremoga”, “Gulliver” shopping Mall, and with the support of the Ministry of sport of Ukraine) Alexander Sakhalinskogo, the celebrations on the occasion of the opening of stars is usually preceded by a lot of work.

“We keep track of sports stars, cinema, show business, look at the trend of their popularity, with an eye to including their morals, social principles, the examples that they give. Choose unconditional authority, which can be an example to our youth. The next task is to contact the coach/representative or the star and try to fit into the schedule of a celebrity. It is not easy, often time consuming, and sometimes we understand that we will have to postpone someone else’s tab indefinitely. Unfortunately or fortunately, “light” stars are mainly for those people who will not come/will come on the first call, since their schedules are booked far in advance. For example, Andriy Shevchenko, we waited six months. It is important that the celebrity personally opened his star on the Square (on its tab, by the way, it takes about 3 weeks). In addition, the jeweler makes personalized lapel star that we will hand on the opening,” says Alexander Sokolinsky.

The organizers claim that only such teamwork brought the project “star Square” at such a high level that the location was not just a landmark of the city and attracts foreign tourists, but propaganda is striving forward for the Ukrainian youth.

“The upcoming opening of stars are not only promoting a healthy lifestyle, but also a good motivation for young people to play sports, not to rest on their achievements. This is very important as the sport in our country, unfortunately, is paid not so much attention as he deserves or as I would like. The emergence of new stars on the “star Square” somehow corrects a situation, – says Vladimir Bulba, Advisor to the Minister of the Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine. – Young athlete sees that his senior colleagues are respected, their contributions are remembered and they want to be later. In addition, it is revealed that foreigners visiting the location. QR-code, which is equipped with every star you can see with the achievements of the “host star” detail. It motivates young athletes also tend to have such achievements that will make them famous in the country and beyond!”.

Champions. Olga Harlan, Svetlana Trofimov and Alexander Abramenko Klochkova, the most decorated athlete Ukraine1./6

Recall the “star Square” appeared in 2015 on the initiative of the “Gulliver” shopping Mall, with the support of the public organization “connects this event with his Peremoga”, channel MusicBOX, ministries of youth and sport, information policy and management of tourism of the Kyiv city state administration and the Ukrainian Academy. The main purpose of the square was to remind Ukrainians about the great achievements of fellow countrymen. Today this place is one of the main attractions of the capital, where you can see the stars of prominent figures from the field of cinema, culture, art and sports, idols of many Ukrainians.

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