In the center of our galaxy, recorded a powerful flash

Scientists hope to better understand what is still associated strong rise of brightness of a black hole

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В центре нашей галактики зафиксирована мощная вспышка

There’s no scientific explanation of the discovered phenomenon

Astronomers Hawaii Keck Observatory announced the discovery of a mysterious bright flash in the center of our milky Way galaxy. All of a sudden supermassive black hole Sagittarius A* “exploded” – has become brighter in 75 times, and then quickly returned to its normal level of luminosity. Scientists can not yet explain the nature of the mysterious phenomenon.

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Black hole at the center of our galaxy is relatively quiet. But starting in may 2019, astronomers began to record unusual activity. By themselves, black holes do not produce radiation, which it would be possible to fix, but their environment emits — due to the tremendous gravity generated by friction: this light astronomers record.

When the environment of the black hole strongly increases the brightness, this may indicate that something approached close enough to the hole and was captured by its gravity. What would it in the case of the recent outbreak of Sagittarius A*, is unclear. While Sagittarius A* had the highest brightness at the beginning of the observations, so perhaps before he was even brighter.

One possible explanation for such a strong jump of brightness of the environment of Sagittarius A* associated with the object G2, which in 2014 went to the black hole at a distance of 36 light-years; it was assumed that this gas cloud, but if that were the case, the proximity to the black hole would have to break it and parts of it would be absorbed by Sagittarius A*, but this did not happen. Perhaps an outbreak — this kind of “delayed reaction” of a black hole.

В центре нашей галактики зафиксирована мощная вспышка

Unusual changes in the brightness of Sagittarius A*

Another explanation is associated with the star S0−2 in a 16-year elliptical orbit around Sagittarius A*. Last year she made the closest approach to the black hole at a distance of 17 light years. According to scientists, due to the close passage of S0−2 near Sagittarius A* could be a different method of gas supply into the black hole that probably led to the fact that gas was to do more and the black hole became more variable.

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Scientists hope to better understand what is still associated strong rise of brightness of Sagittarius A*. This can help data from different telescopes, which observed the galactic center in the past few months.

Work on the new study was accepted for publication on the website arXiv.

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