In the Central part of the Galaxy have discovered an unusual structure

В центральной части Галактики обнаружили необычные структуры

Scientists still have not solved the mystery of “Fermi Bubbles”.

Energy and various substances are transferred from the Central part of the Galaxy to the bubbles Farm special “bridges”. This discovery was made by scientists studying the data that was provided by the orbital x-ray Observatory XMM-Newton, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

Astronomers have discovered the milky Way strange structure. Yet they can’t say anything about their origin, but suggested that the so-called bridges not only connect the Central part of the Galaxy with bubbles Farm, but also feed them with new substances.

Bubbles the Farm called the mysterious structure that was discovered in 2010 by the space probe Fermi. Due to the apparatus was recorded from two bubbles of large size, located on both sides of the milky way. They form something like an hourglass and are perpendicular to the Galaxy.

Gabriel Pontius suggested that the detection of these objects may be the most important discovery in recent years. But, unfortunately, at the moment, the study of the structure of bubbles remains impossible.

It is therefore difficult to say something about the origin of “bridges” that connect the Galaxy with the above mentioned objects. Scientists hope that due to received new data, they will be able to say this about something more specific.

В центральной части Галактики обнаружили необычные структуры


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