In the Chinese zoo unknown threw a giraffe money

In the Chinese zoo unknown threw a giraffe money

In sum, generous visitor left in a cage for animals than 10,000 yuan (nearly a hundred thousand rubles).

18 APR 2019 15:07


В китайском зоопарке неизвестный забросал жирафа деньгами

В китайском зоопарке неизвестный забросал жирафа деньгами

Recently in a zoo in southern China was an unusual incident. The staff of a wildlife Park in Kunming was found in a cage giraffes banknotes worth 10,000 yuan (95 392 rubles, or $1491). This publication reports the South China Morning Post. Who and why threw them there – remains a mystery. Staff suggest that in this way the unknown visitor was trying to feed the animals.

Banknotes came into the giraffe enclosure shortly before noon, and the staff had to distract the animals with food until they collected the money – one of the giraffes is very inhospitable perceived incursions into their space.

On the website of China News Service suggested that the visitor who threw money into the cage, deliberately wanted to hide and was in the blind spot of the security cameras.

The administration of the zoo visitors were interviewed, but none of them saw the incident. Now is the money kept in the zoo in the hope that an unknown rich man comes back for them and explain the reasons for their behavior. However, while for bills no one came, and look for the visitor is now helping the police.

In a wildlife Park in Yunnan Wildlife Park contains 30 giraffes. It is reported that as a result of incident nobody has suffered, but the administration decided to add to its usual warning – do not feed the animals – and even urgent advice not to leave them any “strange things” and especially not to try to feed them the inhabitants of the Park.

“The reception of a variety of foods provided by tourists can lead to impaired digestion of animals. If they eat indigestible objects (e.g., plastic bags) – they can die or get life-threatening injuries,” say the experts.

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