In the DNA of Ozzy Osborne discovered the mutation

Mutation helped the musician to experience the fascination with alcohol

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В ДНК Оззи Осборна обнаружили мутацию

Ozzy Osbourne

In DNA, a well known rock artist, singer Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne, who had previously had to cancel a performance because of severe illness, scientists have discovered a genetic mutation.

What are mutant animals, see the video:

According to Western publications, The New York Post, the mutation helped the musician to cope with dependence on alcohol and drugs.

“Ozzy really is a genetic mutant,” wrote Professor College Indiana bill Sullivan in his book.

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According to the findings of the scientist, the mutation makes the organism Osborne stable and impervious to any kind of stimulating substances.

Note that the musician was invited for the study in 2010-m to year. Scientists believe that Ozzy has lived to 70 anniversary by chance, because behind him a turbulent life – excessive use of drugs and alcohol.

We will remind that in February of this year, 70-year-old musician Ozzy Osbourne was hospitalized.

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В ДНК Оззи Осборна обнаружили мутацию

В ДНК Оззи Осборна обнаружили мутацию

В ДНК Оззи Осборна обнаружили мутацию


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