In the Donetsk region, the district saved 18-year-old suicide bomber (photos)

На Донетчине участковый спас 18-летнего самоубийцу (фото)

In the village Velyka novosilka, Donetsk region, local police officer, Vitaly Solomon (pictured) has saved the 18-year-old boy who tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge into the river. About it is told in the Volnovakha police Department in Donetsk region.

The young man who was on the bridge from the outside of the railing, a senior police Lieutenant Vitaly Solomon noticed, coming back from work around 21.00 on may 15.

Vitaly Solomon was driving home when I heard from the bridge a strange sound. Stopping the vehicle, the inspector saw on the bridge over the river the young man. It hovered at a height of 10 meters above the water and was crying loudly. As soon as the police spoke with the boy, the boy tried to remove his hands from the railing, leaning downward. After jumping into the river in this place, the young man would surely die. The fact that it was there under the water are the ruins of the old, exploded in the Second world war, the bridge. Metal rods were able to pierce through the body“, — told the “FACTS” the senior inspector of the Volnovakha police Department Alexander Gavrilko.

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The policeman managed to capture the young man and not let him fall.

The guy was in hysterics. And when he tried to jump, I at the last moment grabbed his hands… and I almost flew off the bridge with him! Fortunately, I managed to drag him over the railing of the bridge. As it turned out, to the desperate step he was led unrequited love. Until the morning we get together with workmates calmed him at the police station, “the story of the policeman Vitaly Solomon “FACTS” about your prolonged working day.

На Донетчине участковый спас 18-летнего самоубийцу (фото)

The township police reported that Vitaly Solomon serves in the bodies of internal Affairs for 15 years, the district the last two years. Not for the first time and saves the man’s life. One winter Vitaly Solomon saved the patient’s grandfather, who lost in the woods, fell exhausted and already started to freeze. The district issued the pensioner into the road, where he was able to pick up “soon.”

a car rammed police to evade prosecution.

Photo courtesy Nicolicea

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