In the family Bilyk serious problems, divorce will not end: “And you would be able to live?”

В семье Билык серьезные проблемы, разводом не закончится: "А вы бы смогли жить?"

Iryna Bilyk, photos save energy

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As you know, the Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk actively engaged in their own page in Instagram, and often pleases fans of different photos, and sometimes videos. So, this time star shocked fans, it created a note, which is devoted to divorce. Therefore, supporters suspect that the family of a celebrity is not all right.

“But it so happens that people do not love each other, but still do not leave. Sometimes for material gain, but often because of the kids. But could you for the sake of the child do not care about the feelings and live with the person you dislike?”, – she wrote.

В семье Билык серьезные проблемы, разводом не закончится: "А вы бы смогли жить?"

A screenshot of the message Bilyk

In addition, in the recording, which she illustrated the sad, Bilyk added hashtags “divorce” and “life for children”. In this regard, the fans became suspicious and began to persuade the celebrity that we should not draw hasty conclusions.

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