In the footsteps of the father: the Jews of “95 Quarter” for the first time spoke about the talent of the daughter

По стопам отца: Жидков из “Квартала 95” впервые рассказал о таланте дочери

Valery Zhidkov and his daughter

today, 09:04

The star of “Kvartal 95” Valery Zhidkov admitted that due to the large amount of work spends little time with the family.

In an interview Znayu he openly shared details of the relationship with his wife and growing daughters. The eldest daughter of comedian Elizabeth is 15 years old and the youngest sone – 5. According to Valery, he is a “rare daddy” and spends very little time with children, respectively, had little effect on their formation. The education of girls lies entirely with the wife.

По стопам отца: Жидков из “Квартала 95” впервые рассказал о таланте дочери

Wife Valeria Zhidkova and daughters

Zhidkov said that because of his permanent employment in a family there are conflicts with his wife Maria.

“In any case, the fight is going on constantly in any pair. Some attempt to regain something. Yes, somewhere there are on this soil the conflict, but somehow we endure all this for years. Thanks to her, for what she puts up with it. It is still on my side,” he said.

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According to Valery, his oldest daughter have not yet chosen their future profession, but have already proved themselves in art.

“I’m watching her and I give you an opportunity to choose. Don’t know, very difficult. She is good in science work, but at the same time she’s very creative people,” – said the comedian.

По стопам отца: Жидков из “Квартала 95” впервые рассказал о таланте дочери

Lisa very much like his dad

Zhidkov said that his daughter independent, but the desire for publicity it does not.

“I do not see that she was eager for some shooting and a place to participate. Lisa is art, but itself. Draws, plays on a pile of tools she had learned. She was practicing the piano, but at some point took my guitar. Then asked him to give her the ukulele is such a tiny guitar. I don’t know how to play it, and she understood. Even composes songs, writes. I one heard – not even good, in my opinion! I objectively appreciate. It is good from the point of view that any and every adult these thoughts slip in the songs. I see a great future creative, but I don’t want to force her to go in this direction because he came to it consciously”, – shared the artist of “95 Quarter”.

По стопам отца: Жидков из “Квартала 95” впервые рассказал о таланте дочери

Lisa and Sonia Jidkova

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