In the “Free Love” series on ME AND CIE: Debbie Lynch-White explores new configurations of love

In the “Free Love” series on ME AND CIE: Debbie Lynch-White explores new amorous configurations


Because the traditional monogamous marriage is no longer a recipe for all couples, comedian and host Debbie Lynch-White sets out to explore new configurations of love in the series “Free Love”, which will be on the schedule of MOI ET CIE from Monday, April 17. 

On the menu : polyamorous relationships, asexuality, visiting a swingers club and many other angles to explore, such as open couples, libertines and even “trouples”.

It's Debbie Lynch -White who had the idea for the series. Through all the encounters she makes, she puts herself in listening mode and opens her mind to models other than her own, she who is married to her lover Marina Gallant. In 2021, she had piloted another series, “Coming-out story”, showing that she takes a liking to animation and, also, she is interested in important subjects.

Among people with whom Debbie discusses, we find the great Janette Bertrand, the former solidarity deputy Catherine Dorion and the host Rosalie Bonenfant, in addition to collecting the testimonies and confidences of Quebecers who have tried and adopted other ways of living their sexuality. and their romantic relationships.

Produced by Trinome & girls, the 10 half-hours of “Free Love” are produced by Maude Sabbagh. The series is airing on MOI ET CIE from Monday, April 17, at 9 p.m.