In the French city dogs are forbidden to bark

Во французском городе собакам запретили лаять

Their owners can expect a fine.

The mayor of a town in the North of France issued a ban on excessive barking dogs in the hope to curb the dog’s noise, reports the with reference to

As it became known on Monday dog owners in the town of Fekler face a fine of 68 euros for a “prolonged or repeated barking”. According to the mayor Jean-Pierre Estienne ban invented due to the fact that dogs bark around the clock, than create “an intolerable situation”.

As the official said: “Our aim is not to ban dogs and we will not penalize people for the slightest hint of a bark. The city has nothing against dogs, but when you decide to start, you need to train.”

If dog owners not around, the document prohibits to leave them in enclosed spaces because it causes “prolonged or repetitive barking”.

Barking dogs also should be kept inside if they “interfere with the relaxation or rest” any of the inhabitants of the town, of which there are 1,400.

It should be noted that the decree was adopted because of the petition of the inhabitant. Estienne complained: “she has a few dogs, some large. We made several attempts to establish a dialogue with it, but to no avail.”

Naturally, such a decree has outraged animal advocates. Stephen Lamar, President of the Association of animal rights, reacted immediately: “With the same success you can prevent the ringing of Church bells on Sunday morning. If dogs have mouths, so they can bark”.

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