In the historic center of Odessa for six months will block the street

В историческом центре Одессы на полгода перекроют улицу

Odessa citizens will have to drive around this area.

In Odessa more than six months will cover for the passage of Sophia street. It will close for transport this Friday at 22:00. As told in the press service of the city hall, it will begin a major overhaul, reports the with reference for Today.

According to the Director of the city Department of transport, connection and traffic organization Alexander Ilko, the fixation on Sophia is the next stage to create a trunk tram route “North – South” which will connect the housing estate and Kotovsky Tairov. Works promise to finish before December 5, but the chief of a gorupravleniye of road economy Andrey Smaghi promised that I will try to finish earlier.

Plans for the repair is quite extensive. First, dismantle the old tram rails and the roadbed. Then replace all the utilities under the street, gas and water supply, telecommunication and networks of a heat supply, storm drain, after which planning to lay a new right-of-way, new tram rails and asphalt covering the roadway.

Besides, inhabitants of Odessa promise a new lamp posts, bus shelters, fencing, antispermalnye columns, repaired sidewalks and driveways in the yard.

В историческом центре Одессы на полгода перекроют улицу

In anticipation of the new. Roads and communications will be replaced. “I would like to here the bike path made as Olgievskoy. I go to work on the bike with Tairov’s zhilmassiv in Kotovsky and always passing on Sophia because it is the shortest route in that direction” says cyclist Odessa Mikhail Bondarenko.

The roads is more under the new scheme

The Department of transportation and the carriers had prepared two schemes of traffic organization to ensure the execution of works and running of the buses.

“Instead of cut on the street Sophia, the routes will go along the street Elisabeth, and then down the street Olgievskoy to return to the descent Marinesko. The other part will move through the streets Shopping and Pasteur and headed towards Sophia,” said Alexander Ilko, noting that drivers of private vehicles offer the same principle of motion.


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